Wednesday, 30 May 2012

lecture performance (brief reflection)

Teaching is one of my vocations. I have taught the Dance and Mine undergraduate course at the University of Macerata for four years (2003-2007) and I believe that teaching dance history could become a subject open to more people than university students.
For this reason I created a different way, in fact a spectacular way, to deal with the topics of my research. I termed this way 'lecture performance' because while I deliver a dance history lecture, I interact with other languages such as music and dnace itself.
It is a format I experimented for the first time in 2006, when I delivered a paper at a conference organised by myself (hope to be able to speak about it soon), in collaboration with dj Nooz (a great graphic designer as well as dj) who was mixing music of different kind as background to my presentation. At my back a series of videos related to my paper and in mute mode were being showed. The result was interesting and, for some people, alienating. My intent was to stimulate the audience from different points of view and give life to a multisensory experience of the event. 

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