Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Aperitivo in danza (aperitif and dance)

Semiserious dialogue between words and gestures on dance as a poetical and democratic art
Organised by Rosella Simonari, dance scholar, and Stefania Zepponi, choreographer and artistic director of Hexperimenta
Part of Inteatro Festival
2 July 2015, h 7 pm, Raval, Ancona

If I say dance, what do you say? This was the opening question that Rosella Simonari and Stefania Zepponi have asked to the people who came at the Aperitivo in Danza (aperitif and dance), event which was part of the Inteatro Festival.  Talking about dance is important, doing it during an aperitif 

is also enjoyable. Simonari and Zepponi have talked about some aspects of the choreutic art, starting from the questions they asked the audience. And the audience replied with stimulating reflections

that have become brief debates:  dance as a passion, dance as energy, dance and music, dance in theatres, dance on the street.

The bar which has hosted the event, Raval, has reserved some tables outside and this has allowed some of the Hexperimenta dancers to kinetically comment what was being said on dance performning
short variations in place or across space.

The nice evening ended with a group choreography made of everyday gestures suggested by some of the peopel present after Zepponi asked for them.

Dance can in fact be made of simple small gestures belonging to our daily routine, gestures that repeated in a sequence can create a splendid piece. The video fo the performance has been published on facebook, here is the link.
The photographs are by Chiara Scarponi.

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