Friday, 10 April 2015

Lecture at the Liceo Coreutico in Teramo (Italy)

On March 25th, I delivered a lecture on Graham's Letter to the World at the Liceo Coreutico (a high school specialisedd in dance) in Teramo. Following the path of my book, I first talked about the meaning of the term choreography, to then focus on Graham's piece itself and conclude with a reflection on Graham's production in the light of the above-mentioned analysis. The boys and girls from the school have actively taken part to the lecture with questions, observations and curiosities, making the afternoon very pleasant. I truly thank them, as well as the Dance History professor at the Liceo, Cristina Squartecchia, the School Head and the other professors for the perfect organisation, their help and participation. Here are some photographs. 

Liceo Coreutico in Teramo.
Getting ready.
Me and Cristina Squartecchia.

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