Friday, 10 April 2015

Letter SI MUOVE (Letter is on its way) - upcoming events

In April and May, I will talk about my book on three occasions. Two will be a classic book presentation, one in Milan and the other in Chiaravalle (Ancona) in two of my favourite bookshops. The third one will be a lecture delivered at a high school in Macerata, a bit like the one I gave in Teramo. Here are dates and places:

22 April 2015 "Danza e poesia" (dance and poetry), Simonari talks about Letter to the World with Alessandro Pontremoli, Dance History professor at the University of Turin. Introduction by Pat Carra, renowned cartoonist and coordinator of the feminist online satirical magazine Aspirina La Rivista (with which I collaborate). Audiovisual projections, Libreria delle Donne di Milano, Milan, 6.30 pm. A buffet will follow.

29 April 2015 "Così lontane, così vicine: Martha Graham ed Emily Dickinson" (so distant, so close: Martha Graham and Emily Dickinson), Tè Letterario, Istituto Superiore "Matteo Ricci", Macerata, 3.30 pm.

2 May 2015 Simonari talks about Letter to the World with Enrico Guida, eclectic and well-read bookseller. Audiovisual projections, Libreria Il Grillo parlante, Chiaravalle (Ancona), 6.30 pm.

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